Linen Rag Doll

I’ve always loved classic, simple rag dolls, and lately I have really wanted to make one out of linen. I drew up a pattern with a very basic design, and this sweet girl was born.

I absolutely love the natural texture of linen, and it’s just perfect for this type of doll.

It’s been a long time since I made a doll with yarn hair, but she demanded it! And I’m glad she did, because it looks just right. I used 100% wool yarn, which is rather hard to find in stores around here, and in very limited colors. I love working with all natural fibers, so I think I will have to order some more online. I’d love to try a soft blonde color next.

Her eyes are made from scraps of wool felt, and I gave her a sweet, neutral expression. I also gave her rosy cheeks by lightly rubbing on red beeswax with a rag. I thought she also needed a little embroidered heart on her chest as a finishing touch.

Finally, I embroidered my initials and the date on her little bum. It never occurred to me to do this on any previous dolls, but starting with this girl I’ll be signing all of my dolls from now on. After all, they are my art – an expression of myself, and all artists should sign their work!

Now for some clothes – she doesn’t mind being naked for a little while, but she says she would really like a soft, flowery dress whenever I get time.

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