I never grew out of my love for dolls.  As far back as I can remember, I have always been drawn to them.  Dolls invoke a sense of comfort and unconditional love – they are faithful friends who never tire of listening to our thoughts, dreams, and worries.  Handmade dolls in particular are extra-special, because they also contain a bit of the creative spirit of their maker.  When you hold a handmade doll, you can feel that spirit of love come to life.


I learned the basics of sewing from my grandmother when I was just a little girl.  My love for sewing dolls in particular began when my grandmother made a set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for me.  How I loved those dolls!  I remember being completely fascinated by the concept of turning bits of fabric and stuffing into a toy, and my passion was born.

While my life is full and busy with a full-time job and the love of family and friends, I always make time for a little sewing every week.  I love sharing my projects, and I occasionally have something for sale in my Etsy shop.  I also do special orders as time allows.

Fun Facts

  • I did not begin collecting dolls until I was a grown, married woman.  I once mentioned to my husband that I never had a “real” American Girl doll when I was little, and I always wanted one.  That Christmas, he gave me my first REAL American Girl doll, a historical Kaya.  I was overjoyed, and he had no idea he had created a monster!
  • I now own 12 American Girl dolls.  Yes, I realize I might have a slight problem. No, I’m not ashamed.
  • My husband and I are Disney fanatics.  We go to Disney World several times a year, and know a lot more about the parks than the average person probably should.
  • I can’t knit to save my life, and my crochet skills are passable at best.  Sewing is my thing!